Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TOP 10 for the Week of June 22nd

I am currently very, very obsessed with socks. Yes, socks. And tights. OTKs (Over-the-Knee socks), Thigh highs, Fishnet ... you name it, I'm there. And I only have one website to blame for this deadly addiction: SockDreams.com. I've mentioned them before. I found them on Polyvore. And I have a HUGEEE list of stuff I want to buy from there (and, oh lordy, they have FREE SHIPPING!!!! All the time!!!). I thought I'd dedicate this week's Top 10 to my obsession. But if you become obsessed, too, don't even try blaming me!!

#10: O Yummies
Sock Dreams also has its own label, with everything made in the USA (not China!). These socks make up part of that collection, with O Yummies being OTKs in extra-bright and bold colors. The Blueberry shade (above) is my favorite -- it's so deep and gorgeous!

#9: Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks
Does the name not say it all? These ribbed, thigh-high socks are also part of the Sock Dreams label and come in 17 different colors (white shown above)! As if that's not enough, they are easily affordable at $12 a pair. (That's very bad for me. I'll probably end up with a pair in each color...)

#8: Purple Knees
Shown above in the color Denim, these striped, over-the-knees socks are cute, very cheap ($6!) and come in so many fabulous colors! The Purple Knees are all the same style sock, with the same purple color and a different color thrown in. (In the above case, a light blue -- "Denim.") But they also have this style sock in Pink Knees, Green Knees, Orange Knees, White Knees, and a longer version!

#7: EG Eco Slinky Crew
Okay, I'll admit, these socks (shown in Natural) by EG Smith do look kind of plain. But, hello! Don't they look so comfy? And besides, they are ECO-FRIENDLY!!! They're made with recycled yarn, so you can look cute, be comfortable, and help the environment at the same time. :)

#6: Diamond Rib Knee Highs
I love how preppy these socks can be. My style sometimes has a subtle hint of prep in it (not the fake Abercrombie & Fitch kind!), and what a perfect way to add it with these socks! Shown above in Red.

#5: Pointelle Leg Warmers
Sock Dreams also offers a selection of great leg warmers and arm warmers. I love these ones (shown above in Plum) because the little holes make them breathable and perfect for warmer weather. They aren't too tight, either -- the scrunchiness (Spell Checker is going to kill me for that one...) is just perfect!

#4: Ciala Wool Cable Tights
As I mentioned, Sock Dreams does sell tights. Lots of tights. And these ones are great because they just provide a simple layer. They aren't to bright or eye-catching, but they're still gorgeous and delicate (although they are supposed to be pretty sturdy, which is good, because I have a really bad habit of destroying my tights by accidentally ripping holes in them). Shown in Black.

#3: Harajuku Shimmery Diamond OTKs
These socks are amazing. Sure, they aren't the best deal Sock Dreams has, but they aren't really expensive at all, either. And they are so cool and unique. Just look at the Grey! They are closer to silver!

#2: Fishnet Anklet with Lace Tie-Ups
These have got to be the coolest little socks (if you can even call them that). They come in White or Black, and are so inexpensive (only $5 a pair!!!) that you can afford to buy them in both colors! Cute, fun, and perfect for summer -- the fishnet keeps them breathable and open -- plus, you'll stand out!

#1: Super Dreamy Stockings
Summer is about relaxing, is it not? And you know those breezy summer days (or nights) when you just want to sit outside and summer wash over you, while being perfectly comfortable? Or maybe you're just watching TV at home. Whatever it is, these are the ultimate comfort sock. And the gorgeous Antique shade ("a combination of rust, gold, and teal" -- shown) is a new color that fits perfectly with the summer theme. Could you even dream up a dreamier sock?

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