Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ali Michael Shares Her Story

A few posts back, I talked about how Ali Michael had to leave Paris Fashion Week much earlier than expected ... because she had gained a few pounds. Apparently, she was "fat." What is going on with the world?!?!

Anyway, when I opened up the June/July Teen Vogue, I was not surprised to see that she had shared her story with the magazine that had photographed her so many times and had made her one of their recent cover girls. The article published in the June/July issue ("Extreme Measures") was about a page longer (in terms of words) than the one published on Hayden Panettiere, their cover girl, in the same issue.

I was overwhelmed and shocked to read her story. As Ali describes it "an emaciated body type has become fashionable, and that really needs to change." In the article, Ali tells Teen Vogue that she never really planned on going public with her story, but then she realized that it was "actually a chance to try to help other people."

After a couture show she was booked for in Paris canceled her at the fitting, Ali decided she needed to become healthy again, once and for all. "After a night of substantial reflection, [I] decided I needed to start taking care of myself," Ali Michael told Jane Keltner (for Teen Vogue).

In February, the New York casting responses weren't as "enthusiastic" as before, but Ali still walked in a few big shows. Paris, however, was a different story. She was told by more than one person that she had "fat legs." After walking one show (Yohji Yamamoto), her season ended, and Ali went home much earlier than expected. This time, though, she refused to lose any more weight just to be accepted by casting agents.

I applaud Ali Michael for returning to her natural weight and, even though she many not walk as many shows, not trying to lose more weight by resulting to throwing up. Ali is truly a strong girl who has gone through a lot but came out knowing her limits and realizing that her health comes before fashion. We love you, Ali!

Photo courtesy of DNA Models


Karrisa. said...

I also admire her for choosing to go back to her natural weight. Eating disorders are such a problem in this world.

Lil Midget said...

yes! The obsession with the lollipop head look is shocking! and now, it's not only confined to the ladies, but also the men. I wrote up a post on my blog about it here

I'm glad that she has decided to be healthy instead of just looking thin...