Monday, March 3, 2008

Ali Michael, Now Too "Fat"?

I just read this highly disturbing article from the Wall Street Journal. Ali is an amazing girl with a lot perseverance. She dieted herself sick trying to keep her weight down and appeared on 31 Spring 2008 runways including Dior, Chanel, and Lanvin. And she's only 17 years old!

But after gaining five pounds, casting directors told her that her legs were too "fat" and she landed only ONE show (Yohji Yamamoto) in Paris this time. And she didn't even appear on her own -- it was in a group setting! See below:

Is this thin business getting out of hand? I think so. Ali Michael looks very healthy for a model, and I commend the fact that she choose not to starve herself -- instead, she went home. I really wouldn't notice a five-pound difference, and I think that this whole ordeal is absolutely ridiculous. If this (Anna Sui, New York) is considered fat...

...then what is thin? A skeleton? What is the world coming to? People need to wake up. "I think it's gotten worse. In the fashion industry, the models are getting thinner and thinner, yet as a culture, we're getting fatter and fatter," says Nina Garcia, fashion director of Elle magazine.

Is This Ridiculous or What? has just launched its "Red Carpet Collection", which re-creates some of the hottest Oscar looks for around $100. There's a catch, though -- these garments are for your dog! Seriously, I have no idea what is going on in their heads over at the Little-Lily design center, because this is the wackiest thing I've ever heard of. Do they think its going to be the next big trend? Doggie Oscar gowns? They're offering up a dog-friendly version Jessica Alba's dress (The Jessica, pictured above on the right) for $104, Jennifer Garner's (The Jennifer) for $120, and Anne Hathaway's (The Anne) for $104. There's even a rendition of George Clooney's Armai tuxedo (The George) for $120.

Is this completely adorable, or just the most ridiculous idea you've ever heard of?

CREDIT: Amy Sancetta/AP