Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Minefield Out There

I don't know if there is something wrong with me or not, but whenever I see a new shade of Dior nail polish, I must buy it. Like, literally, the DAY I see it. First, there was the navy blue. It really started to grow on me. Anyway, I heavily documented my navy blue nail polish hunt on this blog (in February 2008), and was elated to find the Dior limited edition in "Poison Blue" at Sephora. I signed up to know when it came in stock, and THE DAY I got that glorious email in my inbox, I bought it. It came in like a minuscule bottle, but it's such great quality and oh my gosh the color was PERFECT. I love it so much, but ... I haven't even used it yet. That's part of the problem.

But it gets worse. Dior has a new shade out at Sephora (they generally only sell one at a time), and this time it's GOLD. A gorgeous, deep, shimmery bronze. I really hope that I'll find some place that I can actually wear this one to (the beach?), because I probably won't be able to resist this. And I think it's definitely more wearable than the navy....

Just listen to me going on and on about a bottle of nail polish. Can't you tell I'm trying to convince myself?

CREDIT: Sephora USA, Inc.


Lovable_Me said...

OoOo, that's such a nice color! And if you're not going to use the navy blue polish, could I have it? Haha, j/k.

Gabby said...

I love this so much better than the deep navy blue trend. This color is hot AND wearable.