Monday, June 30, 2008

TOP 10 for the Week of June 29th

How about a normal Top 10? From beauty must-haves to great bags, here are my top ten picks for the week of June 29th!

#10: Sephora Brand Nail Polish Corrector Pen
I thought this was such a cute item for summer! Everyone is trying bright new shades of nail polish, and this is a perfect way to get a flawless manicure (or pedicure!). Simply glide the pen over the places where the excess nail polish is and voilĂ !

#9: Standard Supply Tote from Marc By Marc Jacobs
Totes are a must-have during the summer: they're perfect for going to the pool or the beach, or just carrying all your stuff if you're just walking around. This one from Marc By Marc Jacobs is fun and different -- you're sure to stand out!

#8: Vintage-Inspired Necklaces
Sure, it's always better to be wearing a truly vintage necklace, but sometimes vintage-inspired pieces can be more accessible and practical. Forever 21 has outdone itself again by creating yet another brand, in addition to Twelve by Twelve, Heritage 1981, and, of course, Forever 21. Their latest brand is For Love 21, which is basically a jewelry/handbags/accessories store. But the jewelry is fantastic, and quite a few of the necklaces have some hint of vintage in them (like the Vintage Charm Necklace shown above) and are super-cheap!

#7: L.A.M.B.'s Edinburgh Hamilton Messenger Bag
This bag and an even better version of it (which I couldn't find anywhere online) were both featured in the August issue of Teen Vogue. It was one of those items that takes some time to grow on you, but I love the old-school feel of this bag!

#6: Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Golden Nugget
I blogged about this nail polish about two posts back, but I decided I had to throw this in here anyway. How can you resist GOLD nail polish? The sad news, though, is that it's currently out of stock. But you can bet that I will buy it as soon as I receive that magical email in my inbox.

#5: Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream from Burt's Bees
No matter what month of the year it is, my hands are always dry to some degree, and, take it from me, this stuff really works. It's super moisturizing, but the best part about it is that it's natural!

#4: Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Fragrances
As I do with a quarter of the fashion and beauty items I want to buy, I found these (pictured above) in Teen Vogue. They're not going to be available until September, but I can't wait to try these cute little fragrances! There are five different ones total (Love, Lil' Angel, Music, Baby, and G) and each 1 oz. bottle is adorned with an adorable Harajuku girl! You'll be able to purchase them at Macy's for $45 each.

#3: A Basic Bag
Everyone should have one (or more!). Currently, I'm obsessed with this Marc By Marc Jacobs bag (wow, there's a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags in this post!). I like the cream color -- it's great for the warmer weather (black sometimes looks too dark) and will go with any outfit. Plus, it's big enough to carry everything you could possibly need!

#2: Viva La Vida
I love Coldplay. And their new album is absolutely amazing. And I have yet to listen to one of their songs that I don't like. Get the CD new on Amazon for only $6.75 or buy it on iTunes for $9.99.

#1: Colored Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Ray-Ban's wayfarer sunglasses have long been on my list of things to buy. And now, I'm obsessed with them in their bright colors! They are offering pastel-esque shades in pink ("rose") and blue ("aqua") as well as red. I would like to get the blue ones soon -- the shade is perfect for summer! Buy them at

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Monkey said...

I love Coldplay! They are just amazing!

Diana said...

I love Coldplay too! I love vintage and good choices.

Danz said...

I love the vintage charm necklace - it looks like something Madonna would've worn in the 80s!

Lovable_Me said...

Not the biggest Coldplay fan, but "Violet Hill" is the best!
I can't wait for the Harajuku Lovers fragrances to come out!

online sunglasses said...

blue aqua hmmm looking good..I am wonder about the other one :)