Sunday, June 29, 2008

Richard Chai for Target

I got the August issue of Teen Vogue in the mail yesterday (finally! The June/July issue wasn't enough to hold me over for the whole summer...) and they had an article in the Designer Spotlight section about the latest Target Go Designer, Richard Chai and his new line. The most recent designer line available was Rogan for Target, which is currently on clearance. I wasn't all that thrilled with the Rogan line (not many different options), but I bought a few shirts and I loved that most of the items were made from organic materials!

I went online, and found that Nylon was leaking images of the clothing from the new line. Everything (well, mostly everything, anyway... there were a few strange pieces, I'll admit) looked so much more interesting than the Rogan line (which was mostly basic pieces -- but great to mix with the Chai line!). Of course, it's all a matter of personal taste, but I just love the bright colors and prints, and chic styles that Richard Chai is offering up. I don't think most of the clothes in the line look so great together, but worn separately and the right way, they could look adorable. My favorites? The graffiti-rose sundress (the same pattern as the top in the above photo) pictured in Teen Vogue (worn by Poppy Delevigne) and the super-long cardigans leaked by Nylon.

Above are two different shades of the cardigans, worn with other pieces from the collection. You can view more of the clothes in Chai's line for Target over at Nylon magazine.



Jay said...

Target is getting more and more fashionable, i just love the stuff there{

Anonymous said...

Chai is mine.
Don't even dream about him.

Monkey said...

Gorgeous, I love the colors :D

Poster Girl said...

I planning on buying one of those boyfriend cardigans. I can't wait to see the rest of the line, and I'll be posting a review on my blog when it comes out in August.

Diana said...

I love Target, check out my blog, I have two blogs on Target. Can't wait for the new line.